Prynt : The Best Portable Photo Printer of 2018

“After testing, we found that the Prynt Pocket (available at Amazon) is the best portable photo printer offering quality images and the best portability.

Prynt Pocket


The Prynt Pocket looks like a stout miniature docking station for your smartphone, but instead of giving the phone extra battery life, it will print photos which come out from its side (about 90 degrees from the direction of your smartphone). The main benefit about this direct connection from the phone to the printer is an increase in speed. Other mobile printers we tested required a Bluetooth connection, which slowed down the printing process.

The Prynt produced good quality color photos, and even better black-and-white images, although some of the other printers we tested produced better images. But the speed and portability of the Prynt Pocket put this at the top of our list.

The company recently launched an unlimited paper subscription plan if you really like printing photos – for $35 every two months, you get an unlimited supply of paper. When the paper supply gets low, the app notifies the company to send you more. If you don’t like that plan, you can buy packs with 20 ($9.99), 40 ($19.99) or 60 ($29.99) prints.

Right now, Prynt is only compatible with the iPhone, but the company has begun accepting pre-orders via a kickstarter for an Android version.” – By Keith Shaw

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