High-Res Instant Photos have Arrived

The Road to the Best Instant Photo Quality 🌈

Photo quality has always been at the top of our minds at HQ. In the past few years, we’ve printed thousands of photos and spent hours with focus groups studying to develop the best instant photos around.

We’ve pushed 4 major iterations since launching Prynt, partnering with Zink, our zero-ink paper supplier, to improve their color rendering technology for the highest resolution printed images.

We apply filters to correct images in real-time maximizing color balance and accuracy for your Prynt photos. Listening to community feedback has been key to achieving the best rendering and most accurate technology for our users. Too red, too green, too dark? There’s a science to rendering the perfect instant photo.

Our algorithms analyze a wide variety of parameters from the original photo such as exposure, balance of black/white, etc. to give it a score. We called it the💡 Brightness Score💡. Based on this score, we apply specifically targeted filters or “corrections” that are invisible once printed. That is what differentiates a photo printed with the Prynt Pocket, compared to photos printed with other instant printers.

“It’s all about testing and improving, that’s why we constantly push updates to our users” shares Gaspard, our Lead Engineer, on printing quality.

We hope you enjoy this update and it inspires you to print more of your moments!

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