Holiday Crafting: Hot Chocolate Gift

Need a creative gift for your classmates, coworkers, or neighbors? 🎁

This hot chocolate mason jar is a fun and easy DIY to create a custom gift! Add a message behind your Prynt photo to bring an extra bit of magic. ✨  

What You’ll Need

Hot chocolate mix

Mini marshamallows

Mason Jar


Cardstock for tag

Hole puncher

Prynt Pocket

ZINK Sticker Paper


  1. Pour hot chocolate mix into mason jar a little more than half way. Add marshmallows on top. *Note: we tried layering the marshmallows and mix but didn’t get the desired effect.
  2. Cut cardstock into a rectangular tag shape and stick photo on top, leaving space for hole to feed ribbon through.
  3. Punch hole in top of cardstock and feed ribbon through hole.
  4. Wrap ribbon around mason jar top to secure the gift tag. Make sure to record a message for your giftee to scan!

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Happy Crafting #PryntFam! Which one of our crafts has been your favorite so far? Tell us in the comments.