Holiday Crafting: Photo Snowglobe

For our next craft, we’re taking a personalized approach to a timeless holiday decoration. That’s right – we’ve created a photo snowglobe you can make with your Prynt Photos.

Make sure to laminate your photo first. We used a self-adhesive laminating paper but recommend going with a stronger lamination to guarantee it will look beautiful for years to come.

What You’ll Need

Micro binder clips

Clear laminating sheets

Snowglobe orb (you can find a kit on Amazon)

Tree figurine

Hot glue gun or gorilla glue



Prynt Pocket

ZINK Sticker Paper


  1. Laminate your holiday photo with the self-adhesive laminating sheet. Attach binder clip to photo.
  2. Remove sprongs from clip once attached and glue clip to inside of the globe top.
  3. Attach tree figurines around photo inside globe top.
  4. Add water and glitter inside the globe. Be careful not to add too much water as the glitter will be more difficult to shake up.

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Happy Crafting #PryntFam! Don’t forget to follow along for a new craft each day this week.