Breakfast with Brooklyn’s Viktoria Dahlberg

If you’ve been missing fresh NYC-femme content since the season finale of HBO’s Girls this past April, look not further. Gloss photo editor Viktoria Dahlberg shares her Williamsburg adventures on IG daily, and the photos are so amazing that we’re pretty sure Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous.

Last week, we joined forces with Urban Outfitters and Viktoria to catch a glimpse of her glam girl lifestyle. While making a mag-worthy breakfast, Viktoria tried out her new Prynt Pocket for the first time. Snapping photos of her breakfast bowl and fresh-cut flowers (aggh, it’s almost too much—we know) she jotted out a quick note to her sister and attached a Prynt.

Viktoria especially loved Prynt Pocket’s AR features, and being able to include a video in the note for her sister.

Check out the full video of our breakfast with Viktoria, then head over to her IG for more shots of her gorg apartment and all the best of a Brooklyn summer- complete with iced latte runs and on-point summer fashion.