5 Lavender Things We Love

To celebrate the arrival of our new Lavender Pocket, we threw together a little list of our favorite things in lave right now. Ice cream, DIY ideas, and lavender sapphires included.

Honey Lavender Ice Cream

Summer means ice cream, but spiced ice cream is probably our favorite right now. Trending flavors like rosemary (gelato), and turmeric (lattes) have us thinking its about time to break out the lavender ice cream. Check out this recipe. 🍨

Lavender-Scented Towels

Dryer sheets can’t even compare to the feel-good comfort of clean clothes and towels that smell like lavender. To make your own lavender dryer sachets, check out this post. 🌿

Beachy Head Scarf

Head scarfs are a season must-have (and also a really cute way to hide rough hair days). Check out our fave tutorial for head scarfs here, then take a peek at this boho silvery-purple scarf we’re drooling over. 

Lavender Candle Holder

Everyone knows you can pick lavender, crush it, or even turn it into a wand. But our favorite way to decorate with lavender is to tie a few pieces around a glass and make a candle holder. Then you can have your favorite candle and some lavender too. 🕯️🌿

Lavender Sapphires

The mother of all lavender must-haves is here. Lavender sapphire rings are super-in right now, and look especially gorgeous with a rose gold band. So if you know a friend about to get engaged, we’ve got a new pic for you to send her. 💍

For more lavender-inspired ideas, check out this board we made.

<3 Team Prynt