A #MomentMaker in Uganda

Halee Dobbins
Age: 21
Senior at Pepperdine University

In the Fall of 2016, Halee, then in her junior year at Pepperdine University, took a class that would change everything. After studying texts about intercultural communication like “When Helping Hurts” in classes taught by Professor Greg Daum and Dr. Gary Selby, Halee was moved to follow in their footsteps and take a trip to Uganda to put what she’d learned into action. 📚✈️

“It wasn’t a mission trip,” says Halee of her month-long trip to Uganda in May 2017.

“We didn’t just go there to build a well. We went to really dive deep into what the people needed.”

In villages like Wankonge, Halee and her classmates worked with the organization Kibo to teach locals how to build and maintain important resources, which she explained, “is very different from just building resources and leaving.”

Named after a hut on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kibo aims to help the people it serves in East Africa by focusing on three main pillars: agriculture (planting trees and raising goats), water (sanitation and hygiene), and community empowerment (particularly of women).

When Halee left for her trip this past May, she took her Prynt with her and brought it out for several community events.

“People always thought it was magic.”

It also made for an epic new take on travel journaling and creating cards and gifts for Kibo staff. 🌺🎁

Thanks for sharing your journey with us Halee!

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