Forest Bathing: The Zen Summer Trend You Have To Try

Contrary to the name, forest bathing has nothing to do with water. It’s all about the experience of being outside and soaking in the peaceful vibes of a forest. So in a sense you are bathing- minus the rubber ducky. 🐥

Also known as Shinrin-Yoku, Forest Bathing is all about slowing down, unplugging, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Read on to hear our guide to Forest Bathing- and what you’ll need to know to unplug and soak up some forest magic like a pro.

(Even a nice tree will do) 🌳

Find a Forest

The first step is obvious: Find a forest or wild space (the quieter and greener, the better). If you don’t have anything nearby, just opt for the most zen outdoor space you can find. The idea is to be one with the great outdoors and achieve a near-meditative state (aka notifications off). 


 Wherever you find your green spot, all distractions (including your phone) should be out of the picture. There’s a reason Buddha wasn’t updating his status under the Bodhi tree—to fully unplug and relax, you need to do just that, unplug.

Slow It Down

Sounds like a line from your favorite R&B song, we know. But for forest bathing, it’s a must. So when you reach your leafy destination, check your pace. How fast are you walking? Slow it down. How about your breathing? Slow that down too, and take a few deep breaths. Just like your favorite yoga class- this prepares you for the relaxation that’s ahead. 

Live The Moment

Like every form of meditation, forest bathing is all about fully experiencing every moment in the outdoors. Breathe in the fresh air, open and close your eyes, lean back against a tree, and take in every bit of the space around you. 


This is what forest bathing is all about!

So spend 20 minutes (or more) after you’ve settled into your foresty-spot. If your mind is still racing (whose isn’t?) just keep bringing it back to your breath. Maybe attempt a few simple yoga poses, or challenge yourself to breathe as slowly as possible until you feel relaxed. 

We can’t promise that you’ll achieve enlightenment, but we’re sure the time away from your busy life will only do good things for your mental status. And ok (if you must), turn on your phone for a quick share of that awesome forest canopy. 😎🌳🌲