Get Creative!

Prynts inspire creativity.

From creating live-action blog posts to making gifts for special occasions, our community knows how to get down with their bad creative selves.

Here are just a few tweaks we’ve recently made to help you up your game, just in time to make some awesome summer memories. 🏖️

Scanning Prynts

Scanning Prynts is an easy way to share many moments at once. Attach a video to your Prynt, then scan it in the app to watch it come to life. Record your animated photo and share with friends.

Scan Many Prynts at Once

Create a collage of memories by scanning more than one Prynt at onceThen share all your moments with friends and followers in one video.

In-App Scan with Sounds

Scan in Full Screen, With Sound

Scanning is now available in full-screen mode, which means you can fit (up to 4) scans in one video and record them playing at once.

You can also scan with the sound on to give your video a new dimension. Making Prynts at a concert or the beach? Leave the sound on and don’t miss a single beat (or wave). 🌊🎶

Prynt Privacy Feature

Share Your Content, or Keep It Just For You

Scanning your Prynts and keeping them just for you has never been easier. With our updated privacy feature, you can easily see who you’re sharing with and when videos are kept private just for you. 🔒🗝️

Ready to get creative? 🖌️

Open the app to get started. Or poke around here for some inspiration.