Happy PRIDE <3 Team Prynt

Last year Team Prynt celebrated Pride right alongside the parade. We snapped Prynts, met awesome folks, and even gained a new four-legged follower (see above). 🐶🎈🎉

Team Prynt at SF Pride 2016

This year, as San Francisco gears up to host Pride Weekend (June 24-25), we decided to do something a bit different.

After a quick lunch at Hearth, (mmm bacon and avocado sandwiches anyone?) 🥓🥑 we hit the streets to meet some locals and ask them a single question:

What does Pride mean to you (in one word)?

Callum and Johny


We first met Callum and Johny touring the neighborhood on a visit from Wellington, New Zealand. They told us they were surprised to see how open the community was, referencing the Castro neighborhood’s many rainbow flags. When asked what Pride meant to him, Callum paused before saying, “Freedom.”




Matty was on his way out the door when we ran into him and group of friends sitting outside on a stoop not far from bustling cafes and restaurants. Matty needed no time to answer our question.

“Pride is all about the dancing, for sure.”




Pouya was busy helping customers when he greeted us and happily snapped a Prynt. He told us that in recent years the national violence towards the LGBT community had scared him, and made him pause when events like Pride came around.

But then he said,

“People are so sad. Pride is a happy time. I get scared, but then I see that people are so happy, so I’m happy.”

For a full list of pride events happening in San Francisco this year, be sure to check out the SF Pride Calendar. 🎉

Happy Pride Everyone

<3 Team Prynt