Meet A #MomentMaker: Chicago’s Best Donut Blog

Anne Kennedy
Age: 22
Founder of

By day Anne Kennedy works as a Merchandise Analyst, but by (other parts of the day) Anne is the sole founder and creator of Chicago’s most scrumptious donut blog, ChiCityDonuts. What started out as a knack for finding the best donuts in the city quickly turned into an Instagram following of 2k+ donut lovers, as friends of friends wanted the intel on where to find the city’s best treats. 🍩🎊

Anne’s goal for ChiCityDonuts was simple:
How could she best share the experience of eating a donut?

Anne’s Donut Diary

Anne knew photos would be crucial, but she says “Instagram stories and brand stickers can only go so far.”

That’s where Prynt came in.

Not only has Prynt made her delicious storytelling more fun, but it’s also expanded the horizons of what she can create and how.

“Prynt allows me to physically hand a live photo to a follower that I meet on the sidewalks of Chicago at local donut shops—further personalizing that connection between my brand and its following.”

Be sure to follow ChiCityDonuts for your mouthwatering daily dose, and (if you haven’t yet) you should probably go have a donut now- Anne tells us it’s the day donuts were invented (June 22) and side note: we just ate three. 🍩🍩🍩

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