Wedding DIY With Instant Photos

Wedding season is here and we’ve got a great DIY for the after-party. 🍾 Whether you’re the bride-to-be or just a good friend helping with last minute to-do items, Prynt has you covered with this fun alternative to the traditional guest book. 👰

Don’t get us wrong, handwritten notes are great. But how many couples will actually sit down to read every single one of them after the wedding? Not many.

Here’s our solution.

Scratch those notes for instant photos, backed with live video messages now there’s something the newlyweds will watch again and again to remember their special day. 💐💍

Step One

Buy the perfect notebook (think: Blank pages and elegant design).

Step Two

Bring your Prynt Pocket to the party. Get all the guests to snap a selfie (or help them out by playing photographer) and attach a personalized video message for the bride and groom. 📷😘

Step Three

Direct guests to the book, where instead of trying to balance a glass of wine and a pen, they can simply tear off the adhesive backing on their Prynt and stick it on a blank page.🍾

Step Four

Enjoy the celebration! 🥂🎊