5 Things Dad Used To Do (That We Miss)

Encouraged You To Get Messy

Dads embraced the mess. They got that we couldn’t be clean and well-behaved all the time, and they rolled with that. In fact, they tended to get a huge kick out of our childhood mischief, right down to every bowl of spilled cereal or spaghetti. 🍝

Made Crazy Meals (That Mom Would Never Approve Of)

Dads knew dinner could be pancakes—and I mean, were they wrong? Their easy-going foundation was pretty much key in surviving our post-college years. Crazy meals work. Thanks dad, for teaching us that. 🥞

Gave You Ice Cream Money, Field Trip Money, and Money For Pretty Much Anything

Dads recognized the importance of the spontaneous. Ice cream trucks, museum trinkets, and all the random things you found later that seemed like must-haves at the time. Dads have always been good at spoiling us. 😉

Helped You Build Forts

The only thing that was better than building a treehouse, igloo, or blanket fort with your friends was when dad pitched in and took the plans to the next level. Tree houses became tree castles, igloos achieved Eskimo-level heights, and blanket forts became empires. Your friends were always impressed by what you (but actually dad) built. 🎪⛄


Took Your Picture Obsessively

Dads knew our most embarrassing (and cutest) moments wouldn’t last forever. Which is why they LOVED taking our photos. How many albums are full of duplicate images of you as a baby, tot, and awkward middle-schooler. Probably a ton. Pulling out the old photo album to show a new boyfriend or girlfriend never got old. We salute you dad in your decades-long evil plan. 😈📸

Don’t you miss all the things Dad used to do? So do we. Be sure to tell him.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads who made us the fort-loving, pancake-eating crazy kids that we are!

<3 Team Prynt