Introducing Prynt Frames

We’re super excited to bring you a long awaited feature—Prynt FRAMES!
Just update your app to check them out.

What are Prynt Frames?

These frames aren’t your typical curlicue designs. When creating Frames, we took things back to basics—with some serious input from our Prynt Community.
Prynt Frames allow users to give their photos the traditional appearance of a polaroid, adding that charming white space that surrounds photos and has defined vintage photography for decades.

Classic Prynt Frames, just in time for Summer!

What makes them so great?

Previously, instant camera fans had to choose: retro-framed photos or Prynts that double as stickers with embedded videos.
The debate has been settled.

Now you can give any Prynt—whether taken today (or five years ago), a classic frame and still use it as a sticker and attach a video. The best part? You can even play your scans in the frame. 😜

Prynt Frames and the NEW Mint Pocket

But wait, there’s more.

Prynt Frames aren’t just white space. We know our community is bursting with creativity, so we designed frames with customization in mind. Which means…

Users can customize any frame by adding a typed caption (with emojis! 😍) in-app.

Prynts just got way cooler than other instant photos. And with Prynt Frames, we hope to help you customize your photos and make moments even more special by adding a caption to remember them. 

So go ahead, make a Prynt, add a frame, and put a caption on it!

<3 Team Prynt