Four Reasons We Love Citizen Four

Citizen Four isn’t the first boy band to be tearin’ up our hearts, but they might be the first this summer. With a hot new video going live today (watch at the end of this post!), we’re grooving on the smoldering desert vibes. Read on for the four reasons we ❤️ Citizen Four. 

They’re GOOD, for REAL 

Austin, Carson, Conner, and Josh have serious skills. How many bands share freestyle jams on their Facebook page? These guys do, and that’s because they really can sing, with or without the beats. 🔥🎤

Their Style

Ripped jeans, faded tees, the group has an all-American appeal and an easy style we understand and love. In their newest video the guys ride quads in the desert with open jackets and goggles. They just look like dudes we want to hang with. 🤘😎

Their Story

Josh, hailing from Houston, got his start on Youtube—later becoming a finalist in the X Factor USA. Austin is a Jersey boy who moved to NYC to get into the music scene, and the final two guys, Carson and Conner are (surprise!) brothers- with Carson being three years older. 

They’re All About Summer Memories

Want You Back is clearly the hit of the summer, where the guys miss a girl who can’t be compared. Owning each moment of the video with a Prynt, it’s no wonder they missed her so much. We get it – it’s pretty hard not to miss someone when you have an embedded video of them in every photo. 📷💓

Be sure to check out Citizen Four’s newest music video (below!) to see how the guys captured memories with Prynt!