Prynt Pocket: The Reviews Are In

The Prynt Pocket has been out for a little over a week, and the awesome reviews just keep rollin’ in.

“Let’s face it, the fact that we’ve all got smartphones in our pocket more or less negates the need for cameras…but that doesn’t mean we can live without the tangible pleasure of holding some of our favourite photos—that’s why this super cool Prynt Pocket Case is going to appeal to plenty of technology and photography lovers out there.” – The Coolector

Prynt Pocket in Mint

It’s early summer, which means instant cameras have come out of hibernation to tempt us with their analogue charm. Not all of them are straight-up remixes of old Polaroids though – the Prynt Pocket connects directly to your iPhone to let you print ink-free stickers from your camera roll. To prove you’re not just a misty-eyed nostalgist, the Prynt app also lets you add live photos to each snap, which passers-by can watch by holding up their phone to your photo.”

🌊🐚🌴 🌊🐚🌴 🌊🐚🌴 🌊🐚🌴 🌊🐚🌴 🌊🐚🌴 🌊🐚🌴 🌊🐚🌴 🌊🐚🌴🌊🐚🌴🌊🐚

“Remember Polaroid cameras? With camera phones being so prevalent, the instant camera craze became a thing of the past, but Prynt Pocket is looking to revive that nostalgia. The insta-cam uses technology to access and print out personal photos saved on your phone and images from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.” – HYPEBEAST


Known by the name of Prynt Pocket, the device brings a whole new dimension of AR photography by printing moving-images, like the ones you see in Harry Potter.”

The new and improved “Prynt Pocket,”  fits onto your phone and prints out small pictures in about 30 seconds. Because the picture is stored in the cloud, photos taken with the device turn into a video when viewed through the app. You can also loop videos back and forth, like Instagram’s boomerang feature.” -WTVY

So what are you waiting for? The most nostalgic season of the year is upon us, how will you capture the moments?  🍹☀️