Grad Party Ideas

Everyone’s heard of yearbook superlatives. You know, the vote at the end of senior year for classmates “most likely to succeed” and best/worst at driving.

But what about yearbook cupcakes? 

Take a peek at this grad party idea posted by Prynt genius Justine Pon.

Step One

Make your list of Yearbook Superlatives and get friends to vote.

Here are three of our faves to get you started:
– Most likely to travel the world ✈️🏖️
– Most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket 💸
– Most likely to be internet famous 😏

What You’ll Need

Colored Cardstock (or other thick paper)
Prynt Pocket

Step Two

Celebrate the winners by taking their Prynts! 📷

Step Three

Stick each Prynt onto hand-cut cardstock. Then tape a skewer to the back!

Step Four

Insert each topper into a cupcake (or other treat ) and pass out for guests to take home.  🍰😋

Don’t forget to scan! What better way to remember your year? 😎 😻