Meet A #MomentMaker: Crafting with Instant Photos

Justine Pon
Age: 25
Crafter at

Growing up in vibrant San Francisco, Justine always had dreams of living a creative life. As a kid, she’d spend her days in the company of Play Doh and crayons, decorating her room with intricate sand art at the age of five, and designing Halloween costumes every year with her sister.

So it’s no surprise that she grew up to be a professional crafter—a role she considers to be an ideal fit for her creative lifestyle.

As a crafter for OhHappyDay, Justine is used to things like Balloon Poetry and Donut Cake Toppers.  But she also brings a little magic of her own, using her Prynt to make custom gifts and jewelry—both in and out of the office. 

Custom Prynt Earrings

“I love taking ordinary things and using Prynt to give an element of surprise. I always incorporate a funny or meaningful video to go with each picture—it really ties the craft together.”

Prynt Pin!

“Prynt helps me engage my creativity at all times.”

Prynt Memory Mobile

We ❤️ her work and can’t wait to see more. Thanks for sharing your Prynt journey with us Justine! Be sure to check out Justine’s Instagram for DIY Inspiration and follow the Prynt blog to meet more #MomentMakers. 

Justine killin’ it with her custom earrings.

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