Last Minute Grad Gifts

It’s a busy time of year. You’ve finished finals and just barely decided what to wear for graduation…and now it’s time to get gifts for friends.🎁 😁
Here’s a grad gift idea that you can have ready in minutes, from Janelle P.

 What You’ll Need

– Bottle of Bubbly
– Grad Balloon
– Colored Cardstock
– Scissors
– Hole Punch
– String
– Prynt Photo

Step One

Buy a bottle of your friend’s favorite drink (or anything yummy they like) and attach a festive balloon. See? That was easy. You’re ⅓ done.

Step Two

Take a fun grad-themed photo or use your favorite Prynt from the school year.

Step Three

Stick your Prynt onto hand-cut cardstock, punch a hole in the corner and attach it to the bottle or balloon. 

A toast to friends and the coolest way to share your year. 🥂 😝