Why Prynt is Every New Mom’s Essential

Welcome to our first guest post!  Say hello to Just a Trace, Canadian lifestyle and fashion blogger, Tracey!

Some may remember the days when we or our parents would carry around disposable cameras, take photos, then get the films developed into physical photos. Those were the days when photo albums were actually the thing to have! “Now, the only photo albums I [Tracey] have are on Facebook”.

As a new mom, no body warned her that she would need more space on her phone! She says she currently has close to 500 photos of her five-month-old daughter. In addition to the lack of phone space, Tracey reminisced over the idea of being able to have a physical photo.

“Especially now with a child, I would love to have a scrapbook of photos to pass down to her when she is older versus giving her a USB filled with pictures”, but printing physical photos at a photo lab and putting the photos into a book eventually becomes the last thing on a mom’s to-do list with everything else going on in life.

This is where our Prynt Case and photos comes in for Tracey! She is now able to take an infinite amount of photos of Bria in a fun way, and our adhesive back photos makes scrapbooking a lot easier for her to do!

We are glad our case and photos are allowing new moms like Tracey to capture and remember special moments of their lives! Go check out Tracey’s Just A Trace blog and her recent review of our product.