Why Photos Will Never Be The Same

When you look at a photo, do you reminisce over what happened at that moment in time?  We at Prynt do as well, so we wanted to bring your instant photos back to life! We want our users to capture every second of that special moment with our Create a Story feature. With this special feature, each and every Prynt photo is able to display its back story with a click of a button.

How To Create Your Own Story…

  1. Turn on your Prynt app.
  2. Press the Play Icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scan your Prynt photo that you have already taken.
  4. After scanning the photo, a short video launches! This video was recorded as you were taking the photo.

Watch this short clip by YouTuber Saxon Holbrrok to see everything in action!

Here are a few user examples:

  • Being able to say hi to grandpa!
  • Starting your hair portfolio a whole new way

Now create away and keep your memories in physical and digital form! Share your stories with us through Twitter, Instagram , Facebook, or Pinterest. Click Here if you are interested in buying a Prynt Case yourself.