The Future of Augmented Reality with Our CEO and CTO

Although it’s not technically new, Augmented Reality (AR) has recently become the newest trend in tech. It started with Niantic releasing it’s now infamous game, Pokémon GO. Before that, most of us had only heard about Virtual Reality (VR) while playing arcade games.

What is the Difference Between VR and AR?

Within the last 6 months consumers have started to better understand the differences between Augmented and Virtual Reality. VR’s aim was to disrupt the Video Game segment, which it has excelled at, while AR had yet to find an interesting application-until now.

What is AR?

It’s basically a way to bridge both physical and virtual reality. Instead of transporting users into a completely virtual world, AR aims to develop and enhance what you see in real life. Because AR’s goal is to add a layer of digital on top of the real world, AR is actually very compatible with smartphones and is now available in great applications including Prynt!

Why We Believe AR Will Change Photography

We at Prynt believe that one of the coolest applications of AR is with photography. When looking at the essence of photography, AR is one way to bring back the meaningful practice of printing photos and having your memories within reach. For us, photography is about keeping memories, and sharing them with our loved ones.

The Beginning of Prynt…

In 2014, my co-founder and I started a company because we were amazed by the impact our old fashioned instant-print cameras had during parties. All of our friends wanted to be in the photos and everyone was arguing to see who would keep the physical copy. Our question eventually became, “Why would they do that when they could have hundreds of digital copies of the same photo?”

That’s when we realized that there was a way to provide a better experience with photography. Special moments deserve special photos, and nothing too special came with digital photos, thus we decided to go semi-back to physical photos. Instead of simply to enhance the digital or physical experience of a photo, we decided to combine physical photos with a digital effect of dancing, magic, or “Harry Potter,” photos.

Current Prynt

Since then, we’ve developed our application and showed it to thousands of people and the collected reaction has been outstanding. People really feel connected to the moments we share with them. By using AR, we can make photos come back to life and get the best of both worlds. We can combine the physical touch that makes memories special, as well as tell a great story with moving parts stored inside each photo.

Prynt creates more than just still photos. It acts as a time capsule for your photos. By using AR, we mold everyday photos into magical pieces of memory, and the fact that you can actually hand them to someone makes them even more meaningful. Check out our most recent video to see the full experience of Prynt.


If you want to experience AR photography for yourself, download our free app here, and turn your videos into a memory you can print directly or even send off in the mail.  Comment down below if you have any questions! We are always happy to answer them.