Time to eat, drink, and be merry — it’s the holidays, officially the most wonderful time of the year. Give your holidays a little extra shine with these easy and inexpensive holiday hacks from Team Prynt! We’re really busy making and shipping the first-ever Prynt Case this year, but we made a few minutes to reflect on the meanings of the holidays and add a little holiday cheer to our place.

Paper Snowflakes, a DIY holiday classic — 5 Easy and Inexpensive Ideas for your Holiday Party Decorations

1. Paper Snowflakes

We loved making these simple crafts as kids. All you had to do was a couple folds, a few cuts, and voila — a work of art! Nowadays, paper snowflakes can range from those elementary designs to more sophisticated patterns and shapes. You still just need plenty of paper and a pair of scissors! Hang your snowflakes delicately from a hallway ceiling to impress your guests as they stride into your holiday soirée.


A bright backdrop — 5 Easy and Inexpensive Ideas for your Holiday Party Decorations

2. Festive Photo Backdrop

An easy and fun way to repurpose leftover Christmas lights is to make a festive photo backdrop! Attach a few strands of lights to the ceiling, hang a bouquet of mistletoe, and use your Prynt Case to shoot and print instant photos of your family and friends all night. This bright backdrop is sure to light up any picture and your guests will have awesome party photo to take home, too!


This ornament chandelier is elegant and easy — 5 Easy and Inexpensive Ideas for your Holiday Party Decorations


3. Ornament Chandelier

This elegant-looking chandelier is actually a very easy DIY. Head to your local dollar store and grab a pack of colorful ornaments, some fishing wire, and start stringing. In a few seconds, you’ll build an eye-catching piece to hang above your holiday dinner table! This DIY is low cost and high class.


Make a DIY Photo Ornament for decoration or as a gift — 5 Easy and Inexpensive Ideas for your Holiday Party Decorations

4. DIY Photo Ornament

Not only an easy way to decorate for the holidays, this DIY can double as a hostess or Christmas gift! All you need is a few fave Prynts and some clear ornaments. Roll each photo and slip it into an ornament, then fill with your favorite accoutrements — we like sparkles in ours. Display them on a dinner table as place cards, hanging on your tree, or in a large, clear vase. DIY ornaments are very versatile!


Fill empty wine bottles with Holly - 5 Easy and Inexpensive Ideas for your Holiday Party Decorations

5. Rustic Glass Bottles

Here’s another easy repurpose: fill empty glass bottles with branches of holly to add a rustic touch to your holiday party. You can also include small paper tags with messages of peace for your partygoers, or try adding Christmas lights to your bottles to give a little glow to this shabby-chic decor!


This year, save your money and time without skimping on fabulous design. People will be talking about your holiday party until summer! Hold on to your holiday memories and give every guest the perfect souvenir by bringing Prynt to your fête this season.

If you have other easy decoration ideas, tell us about them in the comments, below! Thanks for reading!