When Prynt first launched, we were available exclusively on our website. We’re so excited to now be available at top retailers all over the world. Here are some places to find Prynt this holiday season!

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  1. Urban Outfitters: You can find us in-store in both the US and UK and online.
  2. Amazon: On Amazon, the Prynt Case is under the “Made on Kickstarter Collection” amongst 300 other Kickstarter projects on the Amazon Launchpad page. The Amazon Launchpad is the company’s digital storefront for hardware startups and crowdfunded projects.
  3. Target: The Prynt Case recently became available at Target stores in the US and is in its Tech Innovation Space section.
  4. Best Buy: You can buy the Prynt in-store at Best Buy in the US and also online.
  5. Selfridges: This summer, Selfridges launched a new area in its store in UK called Internet of Things (IoT) that is dedicated to the newest and coolest tech products. In the IoT area, a team of knowledgeable professionals will educate potential customers on products such as Prynt.
  6. FNAC: The Prynt Case is available in store at FNAC in France and online.
  7. John Lewis: The Prynt Case is available at John Lewis in stores in the UK and online.
  8. ASOS: You can find Prynt at a British online fashion store that is known for selling cutting-edge fashion and fashion-related content. The Prynt Case is available online.

And of course, you can always find Prynt here on our website! Need help finding Prynt? Start a chat with our team or comment below and we’ll help you find a location near you!