Fall, the season of pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters, is rapidly approaching and with this season, comes lots of great photo opportunities. To make sure you can take the best photos possible, we’ve come up with a few tips.

1. Golden Hour

Sometimes also known as Magic Hour, Golden Hour is approximately the the first hour and last hour of sunlight. During the Golden Hour, the sun is near the horizon, therefore the light consists of warmer colors. The warmer colors will help enhance or complement the surrounding environment and your pictures will look amazing.

Fall Photo Tips

2. Try a Macro Lens

Whether you’re using an actual camera or just your phone, a macro lens will give you a beautiful close-up shot of the object of your photo. It’s especially useful if you want to take close-ups of all the colorful leaves.

lFall Photo Tips

3. Back Lighting

In addition to the Golden Hour, taking photos with back light will give a nice, warm hazy glow around your subject. In order to make sure your subject doesn’t get completely blocked out by the sun, make sure you’re using the manual setting and shoot with a low ISO.

Fall Photos Tips

Fall is the perfect season to start experimenting with new photo techniques and however you choose to take pictures, make sure to take them with Prynt! You can use the photos to make a collage or use them for your room fall decor.