Team Prynt is a huge fan of the laydown photo aesthetic, so we’re sharing some of the great content that our fans have made, and help you create beautiful laydown photos with your Prynt. Here’s some tips from our experts:

5 Tips for Capturing the Perfect Instagram Laydown.jpg

1. Find Some Natural Lighting

Getting the perfect laydown photo starts with finding a well-lit room or area, especially since smartphone cameras work better with lots of light. Natural light typically works the best to liven up your photos. Remember to shoot with the direction that the sun is shining, not against it!

2. Pick the Right Background

Once you’ve got your lightning all setup, it’s time to select the right background for a good foundation. Typically more neutral colors—whites, grays, browns, etc.—work the best as backgrounds since they contrast your Prynt. Try using bed sheets, pillow cases, or blankets if you need the right background in a pinch. Otherwise, you can experiment with different patterns and textures, as well as venture outside to the woods, beach, or park to tweak your aesthetic. As long as the colors don’t clash and the pattern isn’t too busy, everything should work out!

3. Angles, Angles, Angles!

So your lighting is good, you’ve found a great background…but how should you arrange everything? Easy! A good place to start is knolling, which is a technique that involves arranging similar items together, and taking advantage of 90º angles. After you’ve initially set things up, start tweaking the angles of everything until you like what you see—your creativity here is what matters most!

4. Steady the Camera!

Now that you’ve staged everything perfectly, it’s time to snap your shots. Make sure to position your phone as directly above as you can, and keep your hand steady. Don’t forget to use the burst mode to take multiple shots, giving you more options to choose from later. If you can, using a tripod or even a selfie stick will help keep the camera steady. You can find affordable smartphone tripods on Amazon, or at your local photography shop.

5. Edit to Perfection

Use your favorite photo editing apps to add the finishing touches to your perfect shot. Apps such as the included Photos for iOS, VSCO, and Instagram can all help add that extra magic to your finished work. One you’re done, don’t forget to share it on social media under the #MyPrynt hashtag so we can see it!

Have any of your own tips that we didn’t mention? Share them below in the comments, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.